Agency vs Freelancer: What’s Best For Your App Development Needs?

Agency vs Freelancer: What’s Best For Your App Development Needs?

January 17, 2019 0 By Ideaction
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As more businesses are ramping up their online presence, the need for mobile app and web developers is also on the rise. Businesses whose operations are not related to software or web are most likely to outsource their development needs to a third party. Usually the choice is between picking an individual freelancer or hire an agency. We are weighing pros and cons for each to help you make the decision regarding which is the best.

Why Outsource?

IT outsourcing became widespread in the 1990s. With advancement in technologies such as communication and data transfer it only became more popular. Currently, the value of the global market for IT outsourcing is estimated at over $60 billion. This represents 75% of the total market for outsourced services.

Companies usually outsource to save costs, but there also are many other reasons. Outsourcing helps improve the company’s focus. Moreover, it allows a business to take advantage of world-class resources. In some cases, outsourcing can even allow a company to share risks with an outside partner.

Outsourcing can be usually done to an individual freelancer or an agency. There are many differences between the two, as well as a number of pros and cons to consider.

Why Hire An Agency?

An agency is a company that provides certain services, software development in our case. The main advantage of an agency is that it has more skills. It has a team of developers that cover a variety of segments, such as web, Android, and iOS. Therefore, an agency could be your one-stop solution for all of your software development needs.

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With an agency, you can also be sure that your project will be given a high priority. Usually, the company assigns a project manager to handle your app development process. In addition, there will be entire team working on your project.

Therefore, the reliability and a timely delivery is something that you should expect from hiring an agency.

Why Hire A Freelancer?

A freelancer is a single person that will be responsible for developing your app and website. The main benefit of a freelancer is that they will be more affordable.

In addition, communicating with a single person handling your project is easier compared to an entire team of development. With the latter, you’ll most likely interact with the project manager. In turn, the project manager will relay your messages to the team. However, some agencies (including us) allow clients to talk directly to designers and developers.

Freelancers are also good at what they do. Their main advantage is that they have great skills that they are trying to sell to clients. Therefore, with a freelancer you can ensure that you pick just the right person for the job.

Freelancer vs Agency

So, now that you know what the main advantages for agencies and freelancers are, let’s take a comparative look.

A freelancer is definitely more affordable than an agency and communication will be easier with a single person than an entire team. In addition, there is definitely no shortage of freelancers. There are thousands of them on specialized websites waiting to submit their bids for your project.

On the other hand, an agency is more reliable. You’ll have a contract and there will be an entity that you can hold accountable. With an agency, there will be a team of developers that work on solving problems, so you’re more likely to get what you paid for.

In addition, many freelancers, especially most skilled ones, take a number of projects. As a result, they might be overwhelmed. Therefore, your project is likely to be pushed behind, or they might abandon it altogether to give priority to other work.

Which To Choose

If you are looking for some minor work, then a freelancer is your best choice. If you want an inexpensive solution for your software needs, you should also consider a freelancer.

However, if you are looking for a complex project, like developing an app, freelancers might cost more over the long run. You’ll have to hire individual people for each part of the project (such as design, back-end).

It’ll also be time consuming, since you’ll have the role of project manager and will be responsible for the successful interaction between individual parties.

Of course, freelancers are responsible for many successful and beautiful products out there. However, if you are looking for peace of mind and less hassle, then an agency is the way to go.

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