Case Study: Mobile Apps For Vessel-Monitoring Sensors

Case Study: Mobile Apps For Vessel-Monitoring Sensors

January 11, 2019 0 By Ideaction
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To familiarize you with the work we do at, we would like to show one of our recent projects that we’ve done for Blue Guard Innovations. The project involved building an Android app and debugging and fixing an iOS app. Both apps facilitate access to data from sensors fitted on ships.

About Blue Guard Innovations

Blue Guard Innovations is a manufacturer of maritime sensors and sensor systems, which aim to improve commercial vessel operations and protect the environment.

The company has a range of sensors that can detect and track oil spillage, bilge water, temperature, fire or smoke, battery status, and motion. The sensors are all connected to a gateway system. The gateway system sends the data to a mobile or web-based app. Additionally, it can store the data in the cloud through wi-fi or cellular connection. Therefore, the app facilitates access to the data for a ship captain, mechanic, or owner.


Blue Guard Innovations needed Ideaction to re-build their Android app from the ground up. In addition, their iOS app needed debugging and had a number of issues that required fixing.

Developers had to ensure that data from all sensors can be accessed on a smartphone. The sensor data also had to be easy to read and understand. Moreover, the apps must be able to handle a large amount of information. The IoT Marine Gateway, which the app connects to, gathers data from up to 50 sensors that can be installed on a ship.

Moreover, developers responsible for the project had to make changes to the iOS app. The app had to display the right information from sensors. In addition, it required some changes of logical procedures to the back-end, as well as some changes to the User Interface.

Technological Stack

Building the app required a number of tools that developers used. The Android developers used Android Studio as the environment for building the app and the Java programming language. For the iOS, Xcode environment was employed and the code was written in Swift language.


The project took two months to be completed, including all additional updates the client requested in the process. The end result are two seamless apps, with a lot of functionality and user-friendly design. Moreover, the apps also send alarms and notifications in case of emergencies, such as fire in a part of the haul, high water, or oil or fuel leaks.

Blue Guard Innovations iOS App

The apps aim to help ship captains and mechanics keep track of their vessels statistics. Fleet operators can monitor their vessels in order to maximize the efficiency of their operations.

Moreover, the system, paired with the app, has an environmental effect. By helping prevent oil leaks, it ensures a smaller impact on the marine life and helps detect other environmental threats from the ship.

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