FlySwap – like, match and swap!

FlySwap – like, match and swap!

March 5, 2020 0 By Ideaction
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Have you ever counted how many times in a row you put on the same clothes and go out? Right, none! Once you wear an outfit, you want to look different the next time you hit the town! But let’s admit, keeping your closet constantly “updated” takes a lot of money and there’s a lot more important things to spend your money on. You may have one or two high-end pieces in your wardrobe, but you still want to be stylish and versatile. That’s why Christian Palamone, a young entrepreneur, came up with an innovative alternative for an overcrowded closet with useless clothes. It’s a brand new mobile app for swapping out everything you can wear: handbags, pants, shoes, shirts, etc. But let’s start from the beginning.

What is FlySwap?

FlySwap is a platform to trade your higher-end clothing and apparel when you get sick of them and want to freshen up your closet without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars. For instance, FlySwap gives you the benefit of Swapping your item for a similar one and spending virtually no money. In this manner, you are not only saving a lot of money while getting your hands on a new item of the same brand, but you are also saving the environment from dramatic damage! Therefore it’s a win-win situation with minimal effort! 

The story of FlySwap

“It started back in early 2017 when I realized that once I wore something out and I took a picture in it or was with a lot of people, I would wait a while before wearing it again. Then I started thinking about how people could solve this problem without always spending money on new outfits, but still look good. I also knew that girls often get tired of the same handbag, shoes and dresses.’’, explained Christian Palamone, the Founder of FlySwap. This is when a brilliant idea hit his mind. He imagined a platform that allowed people with similar brands and sizes to trade their items, taking in exchange something different to wear without spending a lot of money. Moreover, this application saves you the hassle of going to the mall or retail store to find a new outfit. You can stay in your bed and follow a few steps: register your account, upload the items you want to swap, choose the ones you would like to trade with other “Swappers’’ and finally chat to decide on shipping. Therefore, FlySwap solves the problem of a stagnant closet and rapidly rising prices of designer brand clothing. 

How it works 

There is a central marketplace that has everyone’s items in it. You can filter it depending on the items you are trying to swap. You can scroll through the listings and if you see something you like, you have the capability to offer them a trade with something in your closet. You can also ‘Like’ someone’s listing, and it will be saved in your Favorites on your profile so you could go back later and offer a trade. If both parties agree to a trade, the payment is taken according to each parties’ account type. From there the users can chat, give updates, and upload the tracking number once they have shipped the item. So, the perfect formula for this App would be:  Upload, Swipe, Like, Match and Swap.   

Why would someone need FlySwap?

“What have you got to lose by using this app? Post something from your closet and see what happens. Swaps have to be accepted by both parties to be confirmed, so if you don’t like an offer you can just reject it. I tell people the metaphor of catching a Great White with an earthworm. Throw the bait out there and see what you catch, there’s nothing to lose and so much to gain.’’ told us Christian and he was so right! You never know what you can receive for an item you don’t like anymore. The second greatest deal you can win out of being part of the FlySwap community is spending about $10.00 on three Gucci (or other designer) shirts. Or even better: with less than $100 you can wear 21 Gucci (or other designer) shirts. Let’s imagine Christian got a Gucci shirt for Christmas. It means that now he has this shirt for free. He wore it once or twice, posted it on FlySwap and traded it for another Gucci shirt. Now he has had two Gucci shirts for about $5.00 (the average price for a trade + shipping). Now he wears this shirt a few times, and then trades it again on FlySwap. Now he has had three Gucci shirts and has spent around $10.00. Can you follow the counting? It’s insane but true! This is how the Bronze Account, which costs $0.50 per Swap, works. On the other side, there is Platinum Account option, that it’s only $4.99 per month for unlimited swaps, and this might be even cheaper. 

If everything about fashionable clothing excites you, then FlySwap is definitely for you.

Collaboration with Ideaction

Ideaction helped Christian to turn the idea into a viable product from scratch. It’s been an interesting journey and the entire team of developers worked daily really hard to design the app, build and launch it. “Ideaction has been great. They understand my vision and turn it into reality exactly how I want it. I appreciate their reactivity to my feedback and the solutions they come up with very quickly every time I ask.’’ declared Christian Palamone. Besides, has a contact form you can fill out for any questions or comments.  

Ideaction is always excited to work with people that are committed to creating a flawless product. If you have any great ideas that could make a difference in people’s lives, we are waiting for your email describing your request. Day or night, our team is ready to get down to business. 


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