How Ideaction helped myAllergy startup get into IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

How Ideaction helped myAllergy startup get into IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

December 14, 2019 0 By Ideaction
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This year, IBM launched the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, aimed to help startups in fintech and healthtech to get technical support, experienced network of business, invaluable connections, investors, mentors, coaches, advisers, as well as providing product design assistance and curated curriculum created exclusively for startups. Moreover, startups received up to $10,000 monthly in IBM Cloud technology credits that could be used within that month to access IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services running on IBM LinuxONE and by the end of the program, the finalist had the opportunity to each receive up to $120,000 of free credits to use for their server.

On the 22nd of November, at the third annual Venture 135 Conference (formerly the Southeast Fintech Venture Conference), that took place in Charlotte, NC, the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator represented the 15 of the top fintech and health tech startups from across the world, proudly including myAllergy startup – one of Ideaction’s clients.

What does myAllergy do?

myAllergy is a handy app designed to freedom people by taking the stress out of living with food allergies and to help those with dietary restrictions to find tasty food they can safely eat according to their necessities. Recently, they have launched the very first version of myAllergy Passport App that allows you to share your food allergies with friends, family and even restaurants. Thus, It concentrates all your dietary requirements in one place and shows the nearest restaurants you can go to and enjoy food stress-free. Moreover, myAllergy knows that sharing is caring, so they work hard on creating a community forum, where people can connect with each other and share their experiences, give advice, create private groups for specific needs and get informed on any topic. Ideaction is playing a critical role in helping the startup making all this happen.

How Ideaction helped myAllergy to get into IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

Ideaction was tasked with creating a new App Architecture to work with the IBM Hyper Protect server product, a new offering in 2020 to protect sensitive health data with security that is the world leader. From a great idea, Ideaction supported myAllergy to get into IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, where they worked alongside the Ideaction team to revamp & improve the current product. With Ideaction’s help, myAllergy now aims to build a user-centric product that people will love. The purpose of the current app is to do user interviews and use that feedback to inform development of the new IBM powered solution. It was important for Ideaction to be present 100% during the entire process, that’s why Ideaction’s CEO, Boris Esanu, joined the Founder and CTO of the startup during the event in Charlotte. On the demo day, the startups had to get on the stage and during 6 minutes, they presented the solution they are building. Ideaction supported during the entire week and provided them with all the assistance needed. After the first day of the program, Ideaction with myAllergy built a new pitch deck overnight (with the help of UX/UI designers based in Europe) according to the feedback provided by the experts from the program. Therefore, reactivity, flexibility, professionalism, teamwork, focus on the result and feedback response were the engine needed to accomplish the ultimate goal.

This entrancing experience has been a thought-provoking one. Thus, it has proven to both Ideaction and myAllergy how valuable for startups is it to collaborate with a professional software development company, committed to creating a valuable product. It definitely should be willing to offer the startup a comprehensive suite of productivity tools. During the entire program with Hyper Protect Accelerator, Ideaction supported the startup not only technically but also shared strategies and advice on how to build the best pitch deck possible that would grab investors’ attention faster. 

 ,,It’s been a challenging and valuable experience for us, as a Venture Studio, too. We appreciate and see all the value of Hyper Protect Acceleration Program when it comes to its involvement with startups. The benefits all startups received during the program, such as ongoing technical and business mentorship, business value design assistance, alongside with solutions such as IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services help them drive innovation and scale with solutions designed to keep their sensitive data protected.’’, declared Boris Esanu, the CEO of Ideaction.

To sum up, we decided to give you the key takeaways from this demo event. In order to get into IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program, a startup should:

  •  Come up with a great idea
  •  Build an MVP
  •  Have a smart team that executes really fast
  • Implement the feedback from all the experts who share advice during the IBM Hyper Protect  Acceleration Program (pitch deck, investors, product, strategy, technology, legal, etc)

At Ideaction we help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. Our professional team aspires to come with the best approach to your needs. This means that we’ll support you with services from market analysis to see who are the potential customers that you can reach out to, to flawless design, building an MVP, launching the product and of course, providing maintenance. Moreover, we can help you raise money from investors, starting with creating a conclusive pitch deck that would convince investors to support financially your startup. You can be the next one to get into an Accelerator program and if you are still on the fence, take a look at our Startup Development Services  and we’ll be ready to get you off the ground immediately.


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