Ideaction Incubator: Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Investors

Ideaction Incubator: Bridging the Gap Between Ideas and Investors

December 17, 2018 0 By Ideaction
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Ideaction has taken its mission of helping entrepreneurs make their ideas happen to a new level. We have launched the Ideaction Incubator in order to help people with great ideas not only launch a product, but actually get an entire company off the ground.

Unlike accelerators which have started only this century, incubators have been around since 1959 and in the 1980s and 1990s saw an explosive growth and spread around the world. On Angel List, there are currently more than 1,200 companies listed as incubators or which have incubator in their name.

In this way, incubators have become a business segment in their own right. At the same time, the broad definition of the term has also expanded. Most incubators have adopted a so-called horizontal approach and accept startups from multiple industries, while others, are more narrow-focused.

What Is The Ideaction Incubator?

An incubator helps people kickstart their startup. As opposed to accelerators, which usually take later stage startups that already have done some work, incubators are very early stage. They provide entrepreneurs with mentorship, office space, and even financing in exchange for some equity.

The Ideaction Incubator can be fitted in the broader definition of an incubator. We have many similarities with more traditional incubators. However, there also are differences in terms of our approach to entrepreneurs and investors.

We take early-stage startups, even much earlier-stage than other incubators. All we need from potential applicants is their idea and drive to create a product. We can together conduct a market analysis and identify the monetization potential.

Unlike more traditional incubators, our goal is not only to help launch a startup but act as co-founders to some extent.

Teammates Instead of Office Space

Unlike more traditional incubators out there, we don’t host startups, but encourage them to find their own space. However, the location doesn’t matter. It can be an office in Silicon Valley, a garage somewhere in suburbia, or even someone’s parents’ basement.

Instead, the Ideaction Incubator can provide our team of developers to aid entrepreneurs in pursuing their goals. We have a great team of UX/UI designers based out of San Francisco. We also have assembled a team of software and web developers in Chisinau, Moldova.

The Eastern European location of our developers allows us to save costs, while also developing cool products. Moreover, the Western culture of the country ensures a good communication flow with our potential partners in the US and Europe.

Hands-On Mentoring

Working with the Ideaction Incubator also means access to mentorship and guidance. However, because we aim to act as co-founders, our mentorship will not involve training courses and classes. Instead, we’ll opt for a hands-on approach. We will work closely with you and hold as many daily meetings as necessary to ensure that every step of the process goes smoothly.

It will still be your company and your product and you will have the final say. However, we will provide advice and a different perspective.

Our mentorship will not be limited to your business operations and product development. We’ll also help you raise money from investors once you have an Minimum Viable Product or need to pursue further growth.

In addition, our partners will get the opportunity to work directly with our founder and CEO, who will be ready to share his expertise and knowledge that he got from the 500 Startups Acceleration Program in Mountain View, California.

Why Investors Should Choose Us?

Aside from entrepreneurs, we’ll also help investors generate returns by investing in early-stage companies. The main advantage of the Ideaction Incubator for investors is the lower capital requirements. Because we provide startups only with human resources, we need less money as compared to more traditional incubators that need a space to maintain.

Another advantage that we offer investors is less risk. It may sound strange, considering that large incubators take in hundreds of startups and can spread the risk among them. We take only a handful of entrepreneurs on board. However, this allows us to conduct a more meticulous due diligence and analysis.

Only after we have developed a business plan and figured out monetization venues, we’ll commence work on the product. Therefore, we’ll have a clear idea about where we are heading and potential pitfalls. We are not completely risk-free, but our approach helps us minimize it.

Our Own Niche In Incubator Space

In the end, the Ideaction Incubator aims to be its own niche in the industry. By taking advantage of the best features that incubators provide and our own resources in business management and software development, we believe we will be able to help many aspiring entrepreneurs get their companies out there and we will be able to provide investors the opportunity to generate a strong ROI at a lower investment requirement.

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