Our Team is Growing. Meet our new Business Development Manager – Cristina Cojocaru

Our Team is Growing. Meet our new Business Development Manager – Cristina Cojocaru

September 10, 2020 0 By Ideaction
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For any startup, understanding real users and clients’ pain points to offer them tailor-made solutions, is the secret sauce to get to product-market fit faster. Moreover, finding interesting start-ups to partner with, while building strong relationships with the stakeholders are the foundation for success. 

When it comes to profitability and achieving KPI’s, the candidate has to be proficient in sales. Other key components are having a strong knowledge base in finance and healthcare. The ability to think creatively and strategically and last but not least, having the technical expertise to converse with all departments of a startup is what ensures a great salesperson profile in the tech world. 

Finding a person who can do all this magic and more is a tough task. But, we have found the right fit!

The Ideaction team is excited to welcome Cristina Cojocaru, our new Business Development Manager.

Cristina will help us initiate strategic partnerships and will ensure our clients have an efficient, consistent, and agreed-upon time frame for success every time. Cristina’s previous experience in the Fintech and Healthtech industries as an Account manager makes her a perfect match for our team of Venture Builders. Cristina will provide support to your team to ensure your projects are on track and delivered to your budget. As well as managing all new and existing customer integrations, analyzing client requests, while ensuring task completion, Cristina has expertise in development so she knows what the team is accountable for, thus removing roadblocks to them meeting deadlines.

“I’m delighted to be given this opportunity. We are experiencing very challenging, yet interesting times and I am looking forward to supporting my team in navigating their own unique circumstances. I’m eager to provide creative and consistent solutions and recruit new Startups that are focused on problem-solving. If you have an innovative start-up idea and you want to turn it into an effective product, let’s discuss how we can implement your idea into something tangible.’’ said Cristina Cojocaru, Business Development Manager at Ideaction.

The Coronavirus outbreak has created meaningful challenges in all industries, including Fintech and Healthtech. However, real founders love turning challenges into opportunities. This is a long-term opportunity for Healthtech and Fintech startups to focus their attention on finding practical solutions and develop innovative digital apps that can help fight the pandemic. ’’Supporting startups in developing emerging technologies is now vital more than ever. At Ideaction we are well prepared to overcome challenges, adjust quickly and give the assistance that startups need to pivot quickly and build their products’’ said Boris Esanu, the CEO at Ideaction. 

To overcome the financial challenges, Ideaction will assist you through the entire product journey and will co-invest with you along the way. Moreover, our team will help you build a winning pitch deck and get your Startup investment ready by the time you have your MVP ready to deploy. 

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has come with many irrevocable changes but in order to thrive, businesses must come up with a fresh strategy relevant to the new normal. ’’We are planning to extend our team and bring in new faces and fresh perspectives. Cristina Cojocaru joined our team in the role of Business Development Manager and will help us reach out to, and recruit new startups that are committed to creating life-changing products in these unprecedented times.’’, added Boris Esanu.

Ideaction is back on track, ready to make your ideas happen and get you to product-market fit faster than ever. If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea or a startup with a product that needs to pivot, we can help you with user validation, product development and advise you on how to get into Incubators and Accelerators such as : 

  • IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, which provides $120K IBM Cloud Credits, 1-year 1×1 business enablement, 2 years 1×1 technical mentorship, access to IBM Network, go to Market support, and many other benefits.
  • QC FINTECH which is a finalist in the Finovate awards for Best Fintech Accelerators. QCF provides fintech startups access to world-class mentors, capital, and leading financial services organizations, all in the heart of the global banking hub Charlotte, North Carolina.

All you need to do is send us an email describing your request and Cristina will respond with a plan to kickstart your current situation. You can reach her anytime here: cristina@ideaction.io

Let’s make your ideas happen and build something people want!

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