Software Development in Kotlin

Software Development in Kotlin

March 19, 2020 0 By Ideaction
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The first thing to do before starting the software development process is to pick the programming language. There are several options web developers choose from but for web apps and websites, the preferences stand between Python and Javascript. Therefore, a new programming language came out and caught the attention of the Android community. As you might have already guessed, We are talking about Kotlin. Let’s see why it is so highly valued!

In brief, Kotlin is a programming and development language, designed to interoperate fully with Java. In other words, it is a new, a lot easier way to write code that uses Java to run. Java is a more complex programming language, one of the linchpins of the World Wide Web, given its plentiful advantages. So, what makes Kotlin better?

What makes Kotlin better?

Kotlin first appeared in 2011, as a language for Java Virtual Machine (JVM), used for writing Android Apps. It is easier to learn, more friendly and it certainly might cut down your working time. Therefore, you get fewer headaches while building an app. The programmer’s choice is fair enough, isn’t it? 

Let’s bring together the 5 leading advantages of Kotlin:

  • Easy coding –  Kotlin is not as complex as Java. It can be easily learned by advanced level programmers as well as by beginners. It is approachable and it can be studied in a few hours by reading the language reference. Kotlin needs less coding than Java. It takes years of experience to become a Java developer, on the other side, Kotlin’s syntax uses the best ideas from programming languages that existed before it and writing code is simpler and much more compact.
  • 100 % Java-Interoperable Programming Language – In simple words, Java methods can be called from Kotlin. Developers can interoperate Kotlin with Java, which means they can carry on their work with old Java projects with Kotlin.
  • Aggressive type inference – Kotlin uses aggressive type inference which allows developers to know what type of data a function is using based on the rest of the code and how it’s being used. This spares developers from declaring a data type, which can be annoying and takes some time.  
  • Android studio support – Kotlin is developed by JetBrains (which is the company behind the IntelliJ Java ID) and, obviously, Android Studio provides Kotlin with excellent support. This makes it easier to set up Kotlin in your project and continue deploying the app. 
  • Mobile development – one of the big advantages of Kotlin is the fact that it is hugely used for mobile development.

Wrapping up, more and more companies are lapping up Kotlin, given all the benefits it offers. As we may sum up,  Kotlin is short, clear and provides lots of useful API inside the box for Kotlin developers. All of these increase the speed of development and allow us to provide the finished product in a shorter time.


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