Stori- Learn languages through stories.

Stori- Learn languages through stories.

March 18, 2020 0 By Ideaction
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There are roughly 7,111 languages spoken today all around the world and learning a new language might be a challenge for many people. The good news is that it has never been more accessible than now. The Internet is buzzing from the big range of choices regarding learning language apps. Even though you get the power to decide which one fits your needs better, the entire process of making a decision can be frustrating. That is why we decided to show you a brand new app that might put a shade over your

What is Stori?
Starting with the 1st of May, 2020, Stori, the latest learning app will be available on AppStore. Stori is a language learning educational app geared more towards people who are intermediate and advanced in a particular language and need to brush up on their language skills through reading short stories. Therefore, Stori is a handy app aimed to help you enrich your vocabulary by reading. “The power of Stori lies on its over 100 bite-sized stories offered across topics such as Romance, Travel, Horror, Crime, Mystery, Sports, Business and much more.’’, explains Mike Gigliotti, the Founder of Stori. ,,Additionally, the app allows users to easily save words they do not know to practice later in an effort to consume as much content as possible. All stories are created in-house, professionally translated and released every week.’’ revealed Mike Gigliotti. Therefore, you get the benefits of contact with native speakers through stories, without the hassle of searching for such kind of writings on different sources.

The story behind Stori
Stori, Inc., headquartered in Austin, TX, was established in 2019 by Mike Gigliotti as a way to help him become fluent in Italian. Mike had always understood the basics of Italian, as he grew up in a small Italian-American family, but It wasn’t until after College that Mike decided to master it flawlessly.
As most of us would do first, he started by digging in all of the apps and resources he found, but they were helpful to him only up to a specific point. It was a good start, but not enough, so he decided to go a step further by picking up as many books as he could to consume more content in Italian. Soon he realized that lengthy and often outdated texts in Italian were not only de-motivating but also time-consuming and ineffective, as he had to search for the unknown words in the dictionary, write them down and practice later. As you’ve already guessed, this method didn’t work for Mike’s intent to learn
Italian, but It gave him much more: an IDEA. An idea to help and motivate people in his situation to learn a language in an interactive and timesaving way. That’s how Stori came to light.


Is Stori for you?
Stori is for everyone willing to sharpen their language skills in a more cost-effective and interactive way. Therefore, if you are searching for an app that would make your learning process easier, Stori is a welfare option for you. One of the greatest advantages of Stori lays in its amenity and handiness. You don’t need to make room in your schedule for a proper language lesson. You can read a story during a coffee break, in the taxi on your way home or whenever you get 5-10 free min. On weekends, when
you have much more time, you can go through the unknown words you saved before. That’s how, step by step, story by story, you get to improve your vocabulary, phrases/expressions and get used to the writing style of a certain language. Moreover, Stori’s approach is aimed to suit everyone’s sphere of interest, allowing you to choose the topic you want to read about. In like manner, the user not only improves his/her language skills but also reads relevant information about specific subjects in a foreign language. For a monthly subscription fee, he gets access to the entire library of stories.

How Ideaction helped Stori to launch the product
Ideaction helped Stori to come up with a fresh and catchy design and a user-friendly interface. The amount of work they managed to put together during the entire development and launching process made the app a product that users would love. ,,Running on enthusiasm alone is not enough for a business. The mission of Ideaction, besides providing the technical assistance needed, is to leverage the
ideas and skills of the entire team working on the project and turn them into a profitable product.’’ said Boris Esanu, the CEO of Ideaction. Stori is an app designed to make the learning process of a new language easier, interesting and efficient. If you want to stay updated with all the latest news about Stori,
follow them on Facebook and check their website.

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